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Friday, September 15th 2017 at 5:00pm UTC

NEUCHATEL, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The company Swiss Advanced Vision (SAV-IOL SA) announced today the
launch of LUCIDIS and EDEN, two new intraocular lenses (IOLs) for the
cataract surgery, both using the Instant Focus EDOF patented technology.
With a brand-new concept, LUCIDIS brings two major achievements for the
monofocal market: extending the depth of focus on a monofocal lens while
being the first affordable EDOF IOL. Thanks to its advanced refractive
design, it allows an extension towards the near and intermediate vision.
At the same time, SAV-IOL is building on the success of the InFo lens
for the multifocal market: with a convenient blister packaging, EDEN,
the reference in the premium hybrid segment, offers high performance
continuous vision.

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Launch of EDEN and LUCIDIS, two new innovative intraocular lenses for the cataract surgery using adv ...

Launch of EDEN and LUCIDIS, two new innovative intraocular lenses for the cataract surgery using advanced EDOF technology (Photo: SAV-IOL SA)

“Through EDEN, we consolidate our current product range with regards
to high vision performance, based on our strong patients’ feedback. With
LUCIDIS, the positioning is totally different: it’s a breakthrough
product that provides an extended vision for patients at an affordable
price. We are very excited to release LUCIDIS as the first EDOF
monofocal lens.”
says Max Boysset, CEO of Swiss Advanced Vision. “Offering
Swiss made EDOF technology to the largest number of patients is our
mission. SAV-IOL addresses now the mono- and multifocal markets with
LUCIDIS and EDEN. Looking at the future, we are already working on a new
product line made of IOLs that will fit individual patients need.”

LUCIDIS, EDEN, and InFo lenses, through the Instant Focus technology,
are designed to provide patients suffering from cataract a high-quality
solution to retrieve a continuous vision with minimized dysphotopsia
while preserving the resolution and contrast sensitivity. All lenses are
available with an external diameter of 10.8 mm and 12.4 mm, in a plastic
blister packaging (EDEN and LUCIDIS) and in glass vial packaging (InFo).

About SAV-IOL SA: Swiss company located in the French speaking
part of Switzerland. BSI site certification MD 615363

About LUCIDIS, EDEN, InFo: Intraocular lens +5.0 D to 30.0 D, by
step of 0.5 D, available in 10.8 mm and 12.4 mm. BSI CE certification CE


Jean-Baptiste Marceau
Sales and Marketing
Direct Line: +41 32 566 54 05

Source: Swiss Advanced Vision

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