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SnapGene and Synbio Technologies Partner to Streamline Construct Design and Synthesis

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Monday, November 13th 2017 at 3:00pm UTC

SnapGene customers can now order synthetic biology constructs
directly from the software through Synbio Technologies.

and GSL
have finalized a non-exclusive agreement allowing customers
of GSL Biotech’s “SnapGene” software to order constructs directly from
Synbio Technologies after having designed them in SnapGene. GSL Biotech
developed SnapGene to aid the visualization, design, and documentation
of DNA cloning, Gibson assembly, mutagenesis, and a growing list of
additional molecular biology procedures that now includes synthetic
biology. With this collaboration, the constructs designed with SnapGene
software can be easily and accurately ordered from Synbio Technologies.

“We are excited to partner with Synbio Technologies ”, said Aline Glick,
Vice President of Product Management at GSL Biotech. “We think that the
combination of SnapGene’s synthetic biology interface and Synbio’s Syno®
DNA Synthesis Platform will be a powerful toolset for streamlining
synthetic biology procedures in labs all over the world.”

“SnapGene offers a unique approach to laboratory procedures, and we are
thrilled to partner with them,” said Yi Du, Marketing Director at Synbio
Technologies. “Customers will use the revolutionary SnapGene software to
design their DNA construct specific to their research interests,
allowing Synbio Technologies to synthesize the final product. We at
Synbio Technologies are excited for the unique opportunity to be listed
as a vendor on the SnapGene software.”

About GSL Biotech:

was founded by scientists and software designers to meet the
everyday needs of molecular biologists. GSL’s SnapGene desktop software (
is used in virtually every major research institution, and in more than
half of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. The
software provides a simple yet powerful way for researchers to plan,
visualize, document, and share their everyday molecular biology
procedures. Free
of the software are available from the SnapGene website.

In addition to SnapGene, GSL Biotech offers the free SnapGene Viewer,
which includes the key visualization tools of SnapGene and allows
researchers to make DNA maps and design primers, as well as SnapGene Server,
which allows interactive DNA maps to be displayed in a web browser.

For more information, please visit

About Synbio Technologies:

At Synbio Technologies we are always searching for more optimal ways to
fulfill our customer’s molecular and synthetic biology requests within
an efficient turnaround time. We accomplish this goal through our wide
range of molecular and synthetic biology services. These services
include gene synthesis, plasmid preparation, PCR cloning, subcloning,
site-directed mutagenesis, and vector construction. Synbio Technologies
then takes these molecular biology procedures and services one step
further with our Syno® Synthesis Platform. With this platform, we are
capable of synthesizing even the most complex genetic sequences up to
and including 150kb long with 100% accuracy. It is the Syno® Synthesis
Platform Technology that Synbio Technologies will offer SnapGene’s users
to synthesize their designed DNA construct. This also allows Synbio
Technologies to cater to the SnapGene user’s request for their molecular
and synthetic biology needs.

For more information on Synbio Technologies and our molecular and
synthetic biology services, please visit our website:


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Source: GSL Biotech

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