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Monday, July 2nd 2018 at 10:27am UTC

Attributes ongoing success to scientific ethos, project management,
and innovative research programs

CAMBRIDGE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– IONTAS Limited (IONTAS), a leader in the discovery and optimisation of
fully human antibodies, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark
the occasion, the Company held an anniversary party at King’s College,
Cambridge, on 30th June 2018, with drinks, dinner and live

The Company was founded, without external investment, in 2013, by Dr
John McCafferty, now CEO at IONTAS, in his laboratories within the
biochemistry department of the University of Cambridge. Dr McCafferty
discovered antibody phage display and was also one of the founders of
Cambridge Antibody Technology. Since then, the company has grown from
four scientists focussing on antibody phage display, to 29 employees
covering phage display and next generation antibody discovery platforms,
such as its newest technology platform mammalian display, which aims to
make the discovery process more efficient.

The mammalian display platform allows for the discovery of antibodies
that are amenable to manufacturing, thereby reducing development times
and enabling therapeutics to be in the hands of doctors in a timelier
manner. This ultimately will also reduce development risk and costs, and
finally the price of antibody therapeutics to organisations such as the
NHS. Further to this, IONTAS is now advancing technologies that will
have the potential to reach targets previously considered “undruggable”,
with antibodies. The Company’s KnotBody platform is initiating studies
that may have potential in the treatment of chronic pain, stroke and

IONTAS has generated profit from the start, much of which has been
reinvested in the Company to establish a strong commercial presence, and
to fund innovative research programs to discovery antibodies that
address key gaps in the antibody drug discovery process. We believe our
success can be attributed to our scientific ethos of quality service and
insightful research, as well as strong project leadership in external
programs, without compromising investment in ground-breaking research
and developments,”
said Dr John McCafferty, CEO at IONTAS:
It has been an exciting five years, and we now look forward to
further expanding the service capability we can offer and discovering
new and disruptive technologies that will enhance and optimise antibody
drug discovery with the aim of generating medicines that will benefit


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Source: IONTAS Limited

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