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Georgetown University’s Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics Adopts GenePool from Station X to Power Cancer Research

Par Rédaction , dans Communiqués , le 25 mai 2016

Wednesday, May 25th 2016 at 11:30am UTC

GenePool provides a secure platform that allows research scientists
to bridge from genomic discovery to translational research in a single
integrated solution

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Station X, Inc., a pioneer in solving big data analytics and platform
integration challenges for customers engaging in genomics-based clinical
research and medical applications, today announced that the Innovation
Center for Biomedical Informatics (ICBI) at Georgetown University has
adopted the company’s GenePool platform for use in genomic research
related to pancreatic cancer.

The Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics (ICBI) was launched in
2012 as an academic hub for innovative research in the field of
biomedical informatics with the goal of enabling more individualized
approaches to health care based on patient genetics. ICBI’s mission is
to enhance translational research at Georgetown University Medical
Center and, in turn, attract and educate the next generation of
scientists and physicians for whom biomedical informatics will be an
integral part of both research and clinical practice. ICBI’s major
activities are focused on areas that include precision medicine;
biocuration and data coordinating centers; omics and bioinformatics; big
data methods and technology; and medical informatics. For more
information please visit

“Genomics and bioinformatics are central to realizing the promise of
precision medicine and there is a pressing need for technologies that
facilitate collaboration and bridge from foundational research to
translational applications in the clinic,” said Subha Madhavan, PhD,
director of the ICBI. “GenePool will allow us to replace or augment a
number of disparate tools with an integrated solution that can support
basic research applications like molecular profiling and then, help us
place those findings within the context of individual patient datasets
to support translational research and clinical decision making.”

GenePool is an enterprise-level customizable and extensible multi-omics
platform for biomarker discovery, translational research and clinical
genomics. Built upon a modern cloud-based architecture with big data
technologies, analytical and visualization tools, the platform is
designed for storing, analyzing and managing patient data in a HIPAA
compliant environment. GenePool is pre-loaded with reporting
capabilities for incidental findings and tumor profiling, but its
flexibility means organizations like ICBI can customize GenePool for use
with their own reporting requirements. GenePool also provides a
convenient and dynamic way to securely store variants of interest and
their associated metadata for updated reporting and for investigating
the aggregated information.

“GenePool integrates a wide range of data types with a modern and
scalable analysis pipeline to accelerate the identification and
validation of biomarkers that play a role in human disease,” said Tod
Klingler, Chief Scientific Officer of Station X. “ICBI’s adoption of
GenePool, combined with our growing user base across research,
diagnostic and biopharma organizations, is an exciting validation of the
platform and its ability to support large enterprises pursuing a variety
of precision medicine applications.”

Through GenePool, ICBI can aggregate genomic, biochemical, and clinical
information from public and proprietary databases to further define
molecular subtypes that they could use in the development of custom
reports supported by the comprehensive analysis of rich and ever-growing
content libraries such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), ClinVar,
COSMIC, dbSNP, FDA Pharmacogenomics Biomarkers, PharmaADME, and many

GenePool integrates with existing LIMS systems and leading third-party
data storage and management platforms including Amazon Web Services,
DNAnexus, Google Cloud Platform, Illumina BaseSpace, Microsoft Azure and
Seven Bridges Genomics, among others.

For more information about GenePool, please visit

About Station X

Station X is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software
solutions that are being used to solve big data analytics and platform
integration challenges for customers utilizing genomic data in clinical
research and medical applications. GenePool, our flagship product,
provides a secure modern architecture that enables secure collaboration
and streamlines the delivery of medically relevant insights via
innovative solutions for managing and interpreting complex data. Leading
academic and commercial organizations around the world are relying on
Station X to help them deliver next-generation precision medicine
solutions. For more information please visit


Station X, Inc.
Colin Sanford, 415-870-9188

Source: Station X, Inc.

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